Enrollment Process

Please follow the following steps for enrolling your child at LAMS

Step 1

Fill the Online application form OR in case of any problem send email to LAMS.
The date of form submission along with other criteria will be factors in determining the priority of the enrollment/wait-list.
For Primary program, child has to be Fully Potty Trained(see below) for approval.

Step 2

LAMS will inform you of the decision regarding enrollment of the child and if approved you will receive an approval email along with invoices to pay the registration and material fee, (All fees are non-refundable). If for any reason the application is declined you will be informed accordingly.

Step 3

Closer to the date of joining(approx 5days before) you will receive a Welcome package email detailing information about joining, any fee due and/or forms/documents needed to be submitted to LAMS.

Step 4

Pay any fee due atleast a day before the date of joining. Bring any required documents(as per Welcome package) on the first day of School. Child will not be accepted if the fee or documents are not provided.

Scheduling a Tour

Fully Potty Trained Requirements

In order for your child to enter the Primary program, they must be fully potty trained and weaned.
Fully potty trained is defined as follows: We do understand that accidents happen, and in case of accident the child must be able to clean themselves as they would after using the bathroom generally, and change into spare clothes.